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About Real Revival

I invite you to take a deep dive into unraveling the true meaning of Spiritual Revival. Come with me as we explore what God has revealed about revival in His Word and see how we can develop the type of relationship with Jesus we were created to enjoy. I believe you will enjoy the experience!

Why Read Real Revival?

Spiritual revival is the most pressing need in the Body of Christ today. The irony of spiritual revival is though it is so needed, its meaning has been marginalized and misunderstood over time by cultures in general and Christians in particular. In response, I have written to reaffirm what spiritual revival is according to Scripture and to encourage the Body of Christ to rediscover the simple truth about what God has to say concerning it. I have also written to identify the eternal truths that historically have, and will never fail, to bring revival to pass. At the outset, the book briefly addresses how and why I have constructed the text as I have. In addressing this, I hope to enhance the time you invest in this book.

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