Real Revival By A. Thomas Kozubal

Take a deep dive into unraveling the true meaning of Spiritual Revival. Explore what God has revealed about revival in His Word and develop the type of relationship with Jesus you were created to enjoy!

Real Revival

Here is a sneak-peak at what the book has to offer

Chapter 1

This chapter reveals the harsh reality of how the true meaning of spiritual revival has been lost within us.

Chapter 2

This chapter explores the origin of authentic revival and how we should respond to God's call to it.

Chapter 3

This chapter explains what it means to be spiritually revived and what a revived life looks like.

Chapter 4

This chapter defines the relationship with Jesus that is essential to living a spiritually revived life.

Chapter 5

This chapter identifies the traits that characterize a spiritually revived life.

Chapter 6

This chapter provides a roadmap that will help us continue walking by the Spirit for a lifetime.

A. Thomas Kozubal

A. Thomas Kozubal is a retired U.S. Army Medical Service Corps officer whose service to his nation has taken him to four continents over a period spanning four decades in support of operational missions. He has served during periods of armed conflict from the Gulf War to Operation Enduring Freedom and most recently held a key leadership role in U.S. Army Eastern European Medical Operations. In between periods of Active-Duty military service, Mr. Kozubal has served two Fortune 500 companies in capacities ranging from International Technical Support to Project Management to Personnel Management. His extensive and diversified professional experience extends to both the Public and Private sectors and has provided him the opportunity to partner with people groups and cultures from all over the world in a wide range of endeavors.


Spiritual revival is the most pressing need in the Body of Christ today. The irony of spiritual revival is though it is so needed, its meaning has been marginalized and misunderstood over time by cultures in general and Christians in particular. In response, I have written to reaffirm what spiritual revival is according to Scripture and to encourage the Body of Christ to rediscover the simple truth about what God has to say concerning it. I have also written to identify the eternal truths that historically have, and will never fail, to bring revival to pass. At the outset, the book briefly addresses how and why I have constructed the text as I have. In addressing this, I hope to enhance the time you invest in this book.


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Coming Soon

Volume II of the Spiritual Realities Series

Orders: The Christian’s Mission in Spiritual Warfare (Release Date: October 2023).

Volume III of the Spiritual Realities Series

Struggle and Strength: The Spiritually Significant Church (Release Date: May 2024)

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